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xx1belieber1xx said: hey.. Can I use some of you're imagines?

For what? If youre gonna copy them then no, sorry x

Hi can you make a really dirty Carter Reynolds imagine? My name is Ty thanks a bunch :D


A/N: It came out a lot longer than I thought it would, so sorry if it bores you and don’t read this is you’re not mentaly mature enough for sexual imagines because it gets pretty sexual. x

Flashing lights, smoke everywhere and the smell of weed and alcohol filled the air. This is how I usually spend my summer nights. Going to parties with my best friends, hoping to get a hold of one of the cutest, and hottest, guys in town. But tonight was different. It wasn’t about getting some normal boy, you see, I was at this party for one reason and one reason only: Carter Reynolds. Matt and I, his best friend, had known each other for a pretty long time and he knew how much I liked Carter. So he called me and I ended up going to Nash’s place to his party. All of the boys were there (as if I cared about all the others), including Carter.

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trippymendes said: I. can't. see. I'm crying so hard rn. tHAT FREking IMAHINE. curse you. jk but actually it's so good!

Ahahaha, thank you so much x

Can you make me one with Hayes please?☺


'Oh Hayes. Of course I would.'

I remember exactly what was going on in my mind the moment Hayes told me the truth. I mean, come on, how else was I supposed to react? He’s freaking Hayes Grier. The fourteen year old trapped in a sixteen year old’s body. He’s everything I could ask for. Everything I want and need. 

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Anonymous said: Do you do imagines for any celebrity?

If I know who they are and what they’re like then yeah(: 

Anonymous said: Hello don't you know how tall is Nash? :o

6 foot(: 

Anonymous said: I just want to say thanks for all the imagines! I know they take a while and you just seem so nice when people ask you to write for them! But anywho I just wanna say thank so much for your awesome imagines! Keep it up :):):):):):):):):):):)

Awww! Thank you so much! I’m sorry I don’t write as much anymore, I’m just having a bunch of awful thoughts and I’m trying to get my life together because the last couple of months have been really hard but once I’m okay again I’ll post so much more I promise! Love u x  

Anonymous said: Damnit ok the nash sad imagine (with say something) IS PERFECTTT im crying a lot right now 😭😍

Awww that means a lot, really<3 

Can I please have a Shawn Mendes imagine about me and him being best friends and we go to the carnival and we confess our love for each other there? My name is Sabrina (:


‘Pick you up in 5 pretty lady (:’

I read the text message Shawn had sent me and did some finishing touches to my outfit to make sure I was extra cute for tonight. It’s not that we were going to be alone; a couple of friends and I had organized to go to the carnival in town. I loved carnivals and I wasn’t going to reject it, plus, Shawn was gonna to there.

Shawn. Just hearing his name makes me smile. He and I have been best friends ever since I can remember, but lately I’ve started to feel something more. I’ve realized that when I’m with him, it’s like no one else is around. He makes me feel special. Loved. And that’s all that took for me to fall for him. I’ve never felt this before, with anyone. It’s like, the way he makes my heart beat a thousand times faster or the way he hugs me and digs his face into my neck, it makes me want to able to say that he’s mine. But I can’t. I can’t ruin our relationship like that. I just can’t.

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