Anonymous said: When will u post more imagines? They are AMAZING xx

I’ve been pretty busy this week because of school, and on the weekend Im also gonna be busy so maybe next week?? Thank you so much for baring x

Anonymous said: where do you guys live? jw so i know the timezone! (: btw love your imagines

I live in Argentina (which I hate btw, I used to live in nc and just ugh) and I’m not sure where Lian lives :)

btw thanks x 

Can you do a imagine with Matthew where I’m on my period that’s just sweet and involves cuddling and everything like that Thxs love your blog 😘


“Guess who brought Taco Bell?!”

I heard my favorite voice coming into my room. I was lying in bed, hardly being able to move because of my cramps. I think the only part I don’t like about being a girl is having to deal with my period. It’s a good thing I had Matt to keep me company. Poor Matt, he had to deal with my major mood swings and bad humor. When I was in my days I was just a small, blonde bundle of hate. I would almost never get out of bed, unless it was to eat or take a shower. I would lay down, doing nothing all day and hardly anyone could get me out of bed.

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Can I have a Jack g imagine? Like how we got together? My name’s crystal :)


I tried to find my way to the kitchen, which wasn’t very easy considering all the neon lights flashing around everywhere. My best friend had dragged me to a party at one of our old classmate’s house, Jack Gilinsky. I’ve had a crush on him ever since I could remember, but he was clearly out of my league. I was never a party girl; I was the kind of girl to stay at home, reading a book or watching science fiction movies. He was the type of boy to sneak out at night, smoke weed, get drunk and do all the things I would never have the nerve to do. See my problem?

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Can you make me a really sweet Cam imagine?


I smiled, looking into Cameron’s beautiful brown eyes. I couldn’t believe that he was finally with me. Finally, I could share my love with him and not be rejected. His pink lips touched mine and sparks were flying; just like the first time we had ever kissed. I would run my hands though his hair and he’d smile, breaking the kiss. Everything was so in place when I was with him. My insecuries went away, just like my problems. It seemed like time would stop and every second that went on was because of us. I love him so much. I would cherish every moment spent with him; knowing that his visit wouldn’t last for much.

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I know you’re probably ridiculously busy, but if you could (no rush), could you please write an imagine for me? Where Sam Wilkinson and I meet at a party, but leave early to hang out with the Jacks, and then Sam asks you out?


“Well damn, aren’t you cute?”

I turned around and blushed when I saw the attractive boy standing in front of me. He was pretty tall, much taller and me. His brown hair was extremely messy, like he’d been playing around with it or something. I looked into his matching green brown eyes and smiled back at him.

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Nash Grier imagine? Thank you x love your imagines(:


A/N: Just wanted to point out that I got a little sentimental writing this because I might be moving back to North Carolina next year and I kinda made the main character a little like myself with the story and personality so I’m extremely sorry if that bothers you, I know it would bother me a little, I’m sorry and I love you x

I walked around the park, finishing my blue moon ice cream cone and sitting down on a swing. So many things were going through my mind at the moment. I had just moved to North Carolina after being four years out of the country. I had missed home so much; I needed some time to visit all the places I would go to when I was younger. I missed the smell, the people, the way of living.

My mom had decided to move to her main land, which was a city on the other side of the world, filled with taxis, buses and mean people; it was awful. I was the complete opposite of her; I was the kind of girl that would dress up in plaid shirts and jeans, go horseback riding, make bonfires; I grew up on the country side and I knew this was my real home. I watched as people walked by, laughing and having a good time. I smiled at myself, knowing that I could finally feel happy again.

A small little girl walked towards me, looking a bit scared. Her blonde hair was in a ponytail and she had on a pink shirt with a horse on it. She was the cutest little kid I had ever seen, but she looked really frightened. “I can’t find my brother!” She said to me, grabbing my hand.

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Can I have one with Taylor where we like each other and were playing truth or dare with the boys and they all tease us?


I set down the bottle of root beer on the table, accomplishing my dare to chug it down. I hated root beer so much, but that wasn’t going to stop me from proving them wrong. Playing truth or dare with the boys was always interesting. They made each other do the weirdest dares, it was hilarious. We were at my father’s house in Los Angeles at the moment, which happened to be a couple blocks away from Cameron’s place, so the boys would come over often.

I really liked having them over, but I’m pretty sure that hadn’t come that day to just “hang out”. They came because Taylor was with them. Everyone knew that there was a something between Taylor and me. I don’t know if it’s the way we acted around each other, but it was pretty great. There’s always been that special spark between us, and we weren’t the only ones that noticed. The boys were constantly picking on us and teasing us.

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Anonymous said: This sounds rude and sorry bout that but I'm not trying too. I just want to ask if you know of any blogs that are similar to yours? I love your blog so much and I'd like to explore with a few more but idk where to start!

it’s fine haha i dont really know a lot of other blogs that do imagines for magcon, the janoskians, o2l,  and other artists, but you can easily find them in some of these tags!




Anonymous said: thank you! you guys are much appreciated!

thank you so much, love!

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